Desiring to offer perfumes of the highest quality, Stéphanie de Bruijn is involved in the creation of these perfumes on several points. Bias forming like a charter of trust between the Designer and the client; which confirm the particular care given to each product, each made-to-measure perfume.

- Human & Authenticity

Each essence used comes from the work of French artisans, mainly from the Grasse region, the designer's country of origin. Proximity to suppliers which guarantees the quality of raw materials while allowing control of all stages of production. The commitment that Stéphanie de Bruijn has made from the start is to highlight producers, local resources, defend know-how and the excellence of these professions.

- Respect for the product & the environment

The job of a Perfumer is to draw the scents of nature to sublimate the passage of the human being and to leave a trace of it. It is therefore essential to respect the very one who offers us these perfumes. Stéphanie de Bruijn is therefore committed to working with partners who practice reasoned, responsible production with a low impact on the environment. Authentic and balanced scents to magnify what nature grants us.


- Natural formulas

The commitment requested from partners is also valid in the design of perfumes. Ingredients of natural origin are combined with short formulations. This straightforward design allows everyone to enjoy our products, a simple pleasure and an escape for all.

- Responsible packaging

Environmental issues are now at the heart of our creative process. Our packaging and bottles are recyclable, light and durable. These small gestures throughout production engage Stéphanie de Bruijn in a more responsible and sustainable creation, around key pillars: Human, Know-How, Environment, Products.