More than 400 raw materials and a Creator with precious talent, in a field of infinite possibilities: together, they will give life to the Perfume which represents you, which makes speak your soul and your sensibilities. Its uniqueness makes it its specialty: you alone will wear this unique blend, with scents that resemble you.

« A unique experience, a journey in the pure tradition of French perfumery. »




Stéphanie de Bruijn personalizes one of the 9 fragrances from her Prêt-à-Parfumer collection for you, by adding an original ingredient of your choice.


A new approch to personalizing a perfume through a 100% digital experience.


From an existing base, Stéphanie de Bruijn creates with you a unique fragrance, in your image.


An extraordinary collaboration, the complete creation of your tailor-made perfume with Stéphanie de Bruijn.

The luxury of a perfume created especially for you.

At the heart of her Parisian Boudoir, Stéphanie de Bruijn carefully chooses the ingredients that will touch your heart and assembles them meticulously in accordance with the rules of traditional French perfumery to give life to your precious fragrance.

The olfactory journey begins with the choice of materials, precision sourcing around the world, to find the most refined natural ingredients. Like an artist, the designer then applies her expertise in Plant Biology to recreate with you emotions or memories that will touch your soul. It is the art of the perfumer, that of assembling materials, imagining the perfect combinations between each note to finally find the right harmony in the richness of the fragrances and arrive at the creation of Exceptional Products. Every detail counts. This unique trail, the one that defines and follows you every day, is the fruit of hundreds of hours spent in the service of a know-how of excellence unique in the world, French Haute Parfumerie.

Offrir l’expérience: Gift card

Giving your loved ones the choice between the different fragrances and formulas created by Stéphanie de Bruijn, is a simple way to get it right. The perfume is individual, linked to a desire, to an often changing personality ...

Customizable from the amount to the message, this gift card will leave the choice and seduce any lover of perfume.

Discovery set: 20€

Sample Kit of the collection : 30€

Travel kit:  69€

Box Prêt à parfumer 110€ ou 170€

Initiation of custom made perfume solo:800€

Initiation of custom made perfume Duo: 1000€

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