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The scent of your soul

For more than 10 years, Stéphanie de Bruijn, the perfumer, has listened to and interpreted words, worked on memories to awaken the senses. An intimate exchange, in his Parisian laboratory, where emotions will become fragrances and memories will combine them.

The powdery smell of an ancestor, the freshness of linen, the scent of a summer morning, the sweet smell of a pastry ... everyone has their Madeleines de Proust, their desires that make emotions work and meaning.

The creation of Parfum-sur-mesure comes first from these exchanges, from the identification of these scents dear to everyone. For several months, it is a concerted effort that takes place with the Creator.

arious meetings where Stéphanie de Bruijn puts together her experience, her know-how, her hours of research ... at the service of this perfume, one that will match your personality.

A "tailor-made" experience at all levels.

From the initial meeting, when you first try your signature scent, until you fall in love with it, this timeless experience is dedicated to you.

Personal and exclusive, this moment continues beyond the very creation of your personalized Perfume. 

You can choose the name of the perfume, the date, add a first name... It is a range of services and finishes that characterize this "Made to Measure" offer.

Price: upon request
5 bottles of 100ml  Eau de Parfum
Personalization included (bottle engraved)


A face-to-face or virtual meeting.

If you are unable to travel, the Creator offers you a video appointment. First, you will receive a digital questionnaire to complete, which will help orient the perfumer's palette. Stéphanie de Bruijn will then send you a kit personalized to your tastes, containing around fifteen bases and essences carefully selected from your answers. Using this kit, you will then have a video chat with the Creator, to identify your desires..

This remote meeting will be followed by the sending of two custom-made fragrances as samples, and four rework for the final choice of your five 100ml bottles.

Prolong the pleasure ...

We keep the unique formula of your composition in our archives. When your bottle is finished, you will therefore be able to refill it indefinitely. To do this, simply go to your personal space, or by selecting the “Customized Perfume Refill” in the online store.

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