"For four years, this training nose has received by appointment in its boudoir boutique.

The formula: Haute parfumerie is a unique creation focused on personality, via four appointments in three to six months. From the second meeting, we leave with proposals for testing. "


Why a tailor-made perfume? I am a nose. I have always loved perfume. In 2001, I won the ISIPCA (International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Aromatics) competition with my Couture Ready-to-Perfume titled Poignées d'Amour. Born near Grasse, I learned to apprehend scents, to make them my own. I love playing with fragrances to create unique juices that literally stick to your skin. The perfume is for me the reflection of the personality; it expresses everything about the person who wears it while retaining an element of mystery. Tailor-made solutions then seemed obvious to me. The essence of perfume is having it on your skin, a scent that no one else exhales but you. This is a serious subject. Made-to-measure is making a comeback, more than a trend, a real return to a philosophy of life. Many companies are appropriating the subject and riding the tailor-made wave, but I insist it is a serious subject, which requires real expertise, and not everyone is given the power to create. truly "tailor-made" perfumes. The fashion is no longer for standardization, it is an obsolete notion today, completely outdated, we have entered a world of the Singularity. Emotions, childhood memories.

Can we really tell a perfume? Of course! Emotions will be more the basis of the history of perfume. By that I mean that the essences that I make discover awaken emotions, childhood memories that are sometimes forgotten. It is from there that the scent can be told.

What do you remember to create it? It is a whole that I retain. I do need to meet the person physically, it takes a lot of empathy. The perfume is a love story, the meeting of two essences of souls on edge. Thanks to my listening, I can then transcribe their desires, memories and desires into scents.

On what basis do you think you need to create a tailor-made perfume? How long does it take ? Following a first physical meeting, I will be inspired by his past, his habits, his daily influences both in the professional and the personal. I will involve the person so that he transcribes me in words, the subjects that I will make him discover. The careful study of their reactions will be a driving force in my creative proposals.

How and when is a perfume (or should it be) baptized? There is no name given to the perfume specifically. We offer custom engraving according to customer requests. The only baptism with us is the concordance with the skin.

Is bespoke perfume a work of art and if so, what is the price? The work that will be created will be in your image, imagined and designed especially for you. Time will have been given and the best perfume essences selected for you. Thus the price as a result of this art will rise from 6000 euros depending on the selected materials.

And your signature, can we smell it? Obviously, clients come for my work and my personal touch, they like to be taken in hand and initiated.

Unusual requests, have you ever been asked? A client came to see me with leather that had macerated in a Russian ship so that I could reproduce the same scent so that she could integrate it into her line of bags.

What is for you the sovereign work of perfumery? There are several fragrances that have marked the history of perfumery, the one that is for me the most revealing is the number 5 of Chanel and its daring of the time. That is to say use a high percentage of aldehyde, a difficult molecule to use.

Which scent struck you the most and why? The perfume of JC de Castelbajac which marked me by its originality, its construction. It is a fragrance based on almonds and vanilla. "


Luxury is no longer buying an expensive product, but living an experience, explains Stéphanie de Bruijn, who for six years has been creating personalized fragrances in the purest tradition. The half-measure thus responds to a quest for meaning. The men and women who come my way already know all the niche brands and have tried the finest fragrances. They are looking for something special, more artisanal. Moreover, the large groups that regularly invite me to talk about this activity seem more and more interested. In her mini laboratory on rue de l'Université (Paris 7eme), she presents a ready-to-initiate formula that allows you to add essences to an existing base (1000 € for 100ml).



This trained biologist welcomes Russian and Saudi tourists to her pocket-sized store at rue de l'Université 75007 Paris. "Foreigners appreciate the Left Bank spirit, the luxury craftsmanship side," she explains. She also complies with their wishes: “One of my clients came by private jet to reproduce the scent of a rose in his garden. He then gave his wife a crystal fountain with the image of the flower "


I ordered a bespoke perfume from Stéphanie de Bruijn because I wanted a unique and elegant scent, something very personal. I didn't have a specific scent, I wanted a scent that brought me a feeling of joy every time I wore it, that made me smile every time I smelled it. A mixture of elegance and wonder to make me feel good and serene. I had a special time and was amazed by the combinations of scents and liquids that gave rise to new smells. It had a magical side. "


It is in a pocket-sized setting in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, half lacquered, half colonized by flowers that I meet Stéphanie de Bruijn. If onlookers stop in front of her subtle "ready-to-perfume" creations on the shelves, insiders linger for an otherwise more exclusive service, made-to-measure perfume! With your choice of half a measure which includes a one-hour initiation meeting and the making of a unique fragrance to choose from between two formulas. Or for those who are passionate (or fortunate!) Of hand-stitching over several months with multiple trials until obtaining the Grail, the scent of a lifetime. "


It is in her tiny boudoir in the 7th arrondissement that she herself receives her clients ... face to face. Who: after scientific studies, she became a creative perfumer and in 2001 won the competition for young perfumer at ISIPCA with lavender prized by VIPs, from Fabrice Luchini to Daniel Craig. The concept: Customized Perfume by Stéphanie de Bruijn is available in 3 tailor-made collections. The most luxurious foresee the development of a perfume after several appointments (from € 6,000) and ready to initiate after two visits (from € 1,000). As for ready to perfume, it offers a choice of 9 ready-made fragrances. The inspiration: "less is more" could be his motto. Stéphanie de Bruijn tuned herself to an organ made from 400 very fine raw materials, just to get to the point. "


In this laboratory-boudoir with liberty walls and black furniture, you can of course acquire in-house creations. But the most exciting is undoubtedly to have your custom-made perfume composed by Stéphanie de Bruijn, the instigator of the place, who is a real alchemist of scents! To do this, two proposals: the ready-to-perfume formula which from 'tests on existing olfactory bases and a set of questions and answers, allows you to leave with your personal fragrance in your bag, and a couture concept which concocts for you, in two given appointments, two versions of the fragrance of your dreams. An exciting process. "

If you are looking for a blend that defines your signature, ask Stéphanie de Bruijn, a specialist in bespoke perfume in her boutique between the boudoir and the laboratory next to the antique stores and contemporary art galleries on the left bank. Once she gets to know your personal "perfume family", Stéphanie works on your perfume for a month according to your desires, dreams and lifestyle. All beautifully presented in a Royale de Champagne bottle, perfect for jet-setters. While many French perfume brands are sold all over the world, a personalized perfume is a rare find. The one that belongs to you and you alone. "

There are addresses that we would like to keep for themselves, Stéphanie de Bruijn's bespoke creation workshop is one of them. Four years ago, this discreet young woman opened on the left bank a small box with an old-fashioned style, mixing apothecary furniture and bottles of wonders, in order to reconnect with perfumery as it was done in the 18th century. "

""A Mediterranean garden from her childhood, her grandmother's fur coat, the floating memory of a passing mistress, we all have in mind touching scents that we would like to find, wear or offer. That's good, recreating them for us is Stéphanie de Bruijn's job. In her little boudoir boutique on rue de l'Université, she recomposes for a clientele nostalgic for perfumes that have disappeared or imagines original fragrances for lovers. Nez in Grasse for many years, she finally decided to put her talent as a perfumer at the service of individuals. After having developed her own range of perfumes, Stéphanie de Bruijn now offers variations according to the wishes of her customers: A little more Sandalwood in Paris-Bombay, a tear of Iris in Cupid? Once the formula is stopped, she mixes it up in front of your eyes in her pocket lab. Then carefully write down your name and the formula of your perfume in a leather notebook that it will bring out on your next visit. And for the more fortunate, after several appointments, she will design a completely tailor-made perfume, always based on natural raw materials and rare essences. For those who definitely have a taste for the exception. "