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  • Antigone
    170,00 €
    This rebellious and fruity eau de parfum bears the name of the mythical princess, ready to do anything to save her loved ones. Presented for the first time in the heart of Montmartre, Jean Anouilh's play celebrates the intrepid impertinence of the Parisian woman, the very same one characterising this daring fragrance. Composition : FLORAL FRUITYTop note...
  • L'Eau de sévigné
    140,00 €
    This fresh, subtle, but no less sophisticated Eau de Cologne reminds the famous Parisian marquise and woman of letters who lived at Place des Vosges, and has a street named after her : the lovely Rue de Sévigné.You will find in this Cologne the purity of Lavender and the softness of orange blossom, boldly enhanced by a sparkling touch of...
  • Le Sully
    170,00 €
    Named after the Duke of Sully, who lent his name to the majestic Parisian bridge, this sophisticated Eau de Parfum combines with an insolent elegance the lightness of Iris with the power of Amber.As intrepid as its namesake, this characterful fragrance will underline your presence with passion and nobility.Composition : ORIENTAL FLORAL Topnote : Bergamot...
  • L'île aux cygnes
    170,00 €
    Pure Eau de Parfum with a singular presence, l’Ile aux Cygnes is a floral blend in which Gardenia is given the place of honour. This Eau de Parfum is as magnificent as the swans that once inhabited the Parisian island at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Fascinated by so much beauty, it was indeed the King Louis XVI himself who brought these forty...
  • Montaigne
    170,00 €
    This heady and oriental Eau de parfum bewitches you with its scents of Peach, Apple and Blackcurrant, and offers you its flowers from Lily of the Valley to Rose, from Geranium to tender Violet. Seductive and daring with its cheeky notes of Ylang Ylang, Musk and Patchouli with a hint of Vetiver, you won’t resist to follow it to tea at the Plaza Athénée....
  • Saint-Honoré
    170,00 €
    An insolent mix of White Musks and a delicately sweet Vanilla, which takes you to the conquest of a terribly 70's Paris.  The scent of Woodstock and Haute Couture with a rocking elegance.Composition : VANILLA MUSCTop note : Heliotrop, Tonka beanMiddle note : Orris, LeatherBase note : Vanilla, Sandalwood, White musksCouture perfume Stéphanie de Bruijn...
  • Exclusive collaboration with Lorena Vergani
    250,00 €
    A sweet and intense fragrance, wooded and very carnal, where scents of orange and rose emanate and invite you to celebrate life.Inspired by Lorena, who has created this perfume in collaboration with the nose  Stéphanie de Bruijn. “ I wanted to recreate with Stéphanie a fragrance that reminds me the scents of my garden in Spain, where I grew up, but also...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items