I am a Nose.
I've always loved perfume.
For me, perfume is a reflection of personality;
It expresses everything about the person wearing it while retaining a part of mystery.

Stéphanie de Bruijn grew up in the Grasse region and it was in this place, with its distinctive scents, that she fell in love with perfume and what it represents. From an early age, she learned to recognize perfumes and make them her own by becoming an Artisan Parfumeur.

Having found and adopted the city of Paris, it was in her heart that she developed her activity there, in 2008. In her laboratory in l'Université Street, the creator put her know-how to service for each composition and of each personality who crosses the door and enters her universe. From perfumes made-to-measure to the collection of her perfumes, Stéphanie de Bruijn offers a complete range to her customers.

This passion for the Art of perfumery combined with her scientific know-how, won her the International Perfumer Competition of the prestigious ISIPCA school in 2001, with her signature perfume "Poignées d'Amour".

This art that characterizes niche perfumery is that of assembling and of finding the right harmony in the richness of fragrances, to achieve the creation of exceptional products.