I am a Nose.
I've always loved perfume.
For me, perfume is a reflection of personality;
It expresses everything about the person wearing it while retaining a part of mystery.

Stéphanie de Bruijn grew up in the region of Grasse, where she fell in love with Perfume and what it embodies. She found in Paris a city by adoption, where she grew her business.
The perfumer dedicates her exceptional savoir-faire to each and every composition, and imbues them with a modern and pure elegance, the very one that makes Parisians so charming. By offering this tailor-made experience of creation, Stéphanie de Bruijn crowns the singularity of your allure with a fragrant note, reminding the one of the famous Rive Gauche’s inhabitants.

The quintessence of perfume is to have on your skin a scent that no one else exhales but you. Custom-made is making a comeback, more than a trend, a real return to a philosophy of life.


Stéphanie de Bruijn was born in the region of Grasse, the mythical and inescapable place in the world of Perfume. There, she learned to recognize and to absorb fragrances from the earliest days.

Passionate about music, she pursued piano and opera singing lessons for 10 years, at the conservatoire.

She pleasantly discovered the mysteries of biology and plant physiology before winning her spurs as a perfumer in Grasse, thus combining her passion for Art with her savoir-faire as a scientist.

In 2001, Stéphanie de Bruijn won the International Perfumery Competition with her prêt-à-parfumer couture fragrance "Poignées d'Amour".

With a strong will to go to the end of this profoundly human adventure, Stéphanie de Bruijn decided to offer her talents and her listening skills by opening in 2008 her intimate and confidential boudoir-laboratory, in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, at the “52 rue de l'Université”.


Stéphanie de Bruijn stands out in the world of tailor-made fragrances with a daring offer, breaking the codes of this unaccessible world. By proposing an initiation formula, she unveils the secrets of custom perfumery.

In a will to offer fragrances of the highest quality, Stéphanie de Bruijn herself goes out to meet her suppliers. In Grasse, the capital of perfume, she chooses her favorite extracts amongst the world's most beautiful raw materials, such as Grasse’s Rose, Indonesia’s Patchouli, Sicily’s Bergamot, Virginia’s Cedar, and the hundreds of others composing her fragrances. In Grasse, the perfumer carefully selects the rarest, most precious ingredients from suppliers with whom she maintains long and trusting relationships.

In a desire for incessant renewal, Stéphanie de Bruijn is constantly looking for new materials at the very source, trying them out before integrating them into her compositions. Doing so, the perfumer has asserted herself as a precursor of new olfactory trends, and the materials thus chosen are brought together under her expert hands. One by one, she assembles them, creating drop after drop the fragrances of tomorrow.
From the amber notes of Ambroxan, an extremely precious synthetic material, to those of a dry and sensual wood, Stéphanie de Bruijn is committed to helping her clients discover fragrances with new scents.

From a discreet and elegant eau de Cologne to floral fragrances that leave behind a more extended wake, the perfumer offers fragrances whose unique blend emphasises discretion as well as affirmed presence, according to the client's desires and always in the grace that is her own.


In the heart of Paris, at a stone's throw from Bon Marché and the Saint-Germain-des-Près district, the eye of the seasoned stroller is caught by the discreet elegance of the storefront of the 52 rue de l'Université.
The window barely lets you see the inside of this confidential place, and only connoisseurs will push the door to discover with wonder a unique place : a boudoir, a laboratory and a boutique.

The hushed atmosphere of this flowery alcove makes it the perfect place to enjoy an intimate teatime discussion with the perfumer, whose mission is to find the fragrances that best depicts each person she meets.

Keep your eyes open and you will see the cradle of each olfactory creation, where inspiration takes control, day after day, of the perfumer hands.

In this place, fragrance after fragrance, Stéphanie de Bruijn breaks the codes of traditional perfumery, expertly combining her raw materials in an incessant renewal.
Those who wish to delay the end of this ephemeral escapade can prolong this moment of pleasure by leaving with the gold written bag, containing their very favorite fragrance.

When you leave this cocoon, you will find yourself back in the busy city of Paris, and your only desire will be to return once again to these precious moments, suspended by the notes composed by Stéphanie de Bruijn on her perfume organ.