Les indispensables 

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  • Refill Bespoke Perfume
    208,33 €
    The Refill Bespoke Perfume comes to your rescue if you composed your fragrance with Stéphanie de Bruijn some time ago, and the level of your precious juice starts to decrease. If you wish to keep the fragrance you fell in love with, you can simply order one or more refills ; the perfumer will compose once again for you this olfactory melody you love so much.
  • Personalized travel set
    50,00 €
    Four 7.5 mL spray bottles are coiled up in the heart of this coffret with pure and modern lines. You can choose the 4 fragrances that inspire the most you from the designer's private collection. As you discover these bouquets, you will experience a journey on the wings of these precious essences. Wear them according to your desires and moods, or assemble...
  • Discovery set
    12,50 €
    Your favorite fragrance, the one you don't know yet, or the union of scents you're intrigued by...Choose the scents that speak to you, those that provoke you and those that make you dream, and get them delivered to your home.Take the time to discover the 3 fragrances of your choice, before ordering the one you love! Your discovery experience is...
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items